Friday, November 6, 2009

How do you grow pomegranate trees?

I bought one pomegranate for R 14, 00 at Woolworths. Have not seen one in years, do not think they grow here at the coast. Do you think I will be able to grow a tree from a pip or do you need a "steggie"?

How do you grow pomegranate trees?
I've given up planting anything, my Labrador is driving me insane, rips every and any plant he can find out of the ground as his chew toy. Tried running him more frequently, wooden fences which he chews apart and pepper and poep spread across the garden flower beds, nothing works.

I've completely branched off the topic haven't I........
Reply:I will rather buy a plant from a nursery. That way you know that you have a healthy plant. For the heck of it, I can not even remember if I have seen any at trees at a nursery. R14 for one is a rip off, damm. Our neighbors have one and some of the branches is in our yard and that way we get some.
Reply:A cutting or baby plant works best, its just that much more hassle to grow it from a pip and it's soul destroying if the seedling dies on you after tons of TLC.

Once the little plant is strong enough to be popped in the garden it will grow like a weed.
Reply:I think that they will grow at the coast. They like a mediterranean climate.


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