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What is an acceptable way to eat a pomegranate when dining with other people?

I just LOVE pomegranates! When I'm alone I cut them in quarters and bite into them and savor all the juice and then spit out the pulp. But with other people present, especially strangers, what is the proper etiquette for eating pomegranates? Maybe you just can't?

What is an acceptable way to eat a pomegranate when dining with other people?
well offer them one too :) see what they do and follow suit... that way neither of you will be embarrassed... let me know how that goes.. and hey enjoy them pomogranates.. fantastic fruit that!!!
Reply:oh well maybe next time then :) Report It

Reply:same as u would eat wen alone, but wid less harm in that
Reply:Pick out the seeds one by one.... they are tasty and you get to savor the moment...
Reply:i would advise you to not do this with strangers. they might think that you're strange so why eat one and remove all doubt from their mind.
Reply:With your fingers for peeling and picking up the seed and your mouth for eating.
Reply:Depends who the other people are.

With you fingers is OK by me.
Reply:Eat it with a fork.
Reply:Pop the seeds in your mouth and try to spit it in your cup, HAH!
Reply:Well you could try small bits and spitting into a napkin and keeping a small plastic lined bag for the trash.

:)NA and enjoy

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Where can I get a pomegranate off-season?

Pomegranates are in season in the fall, but I'd like to get my hands on one by Friday at the latest.

Where can I get a pomegranate off-season?
in brazil


Is it possible for pomegranate trees to be grown on the Cumberland Plateau in Southern TN?

Yes, but for the fruit to be a success you need a warm arid climate. With the drought you guys had last year it would do well. However, 12 'F is as cold without damage. This could be an issue for you. Pot it to size or permanent location. Good luck. My wife loves them.

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Do You like pomegranate Blueberry juice?

My dad just told me he bought it by mistake but he loves it now and keeps buying it.

Do You like pomegranate Blueberry juice?
yes i do because of the flavor
Reply:love it!
Reply:I've never tried it. I like blueberry juice. I don't really like pomegranates though. I'm not sure if I would like a juice with blueberries and pomegranates mixed or not.
Reply:Don't care for blueberry but I love pomegranate and cranberry juice!
Reply:Yes sir.
Reply:I put it in my smoothies sometimes...
Reply:If its the POM brand. Its very pricey though.
Reply:no it really!!!! sour :S

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Has anyone tried pomegranate?

I've had it at a friend's house once before, and it was really good. What about you guys?

Has anyone tried pomegranate?
I love the fruit, not a fan so much of the juice they are selling these days--too strong. But eating it in the natural form or using the seeds on salads is yummy. But very messy and the juice stains everything.
Reply:Had one for the first time last year - really cool. I like taking the little pieces apart from the membranes. Don't like the seeds, I just squish it in my mouth.

Way tastier than the juice you buy!
Reply:oh, I love em!!! been eatin em for more than 55 yrs!!

the juice is good too! put about a tablespoon of it in a tall glass of water with ice and enjoy!!! gives the water a lovely tart flavor.
Reply:Yes, i think they are amazing-ly delicious.

However it stains everything, so there are pro and cons to delicious food.
Reply:Yes! Delicious.. but unfortunately the last time I had one was a few years ago :(


Is there white pomegranate or white pom juice in U.S?(New York)?

my granma always talks about how white are somuch more tastier and sweeter then red ones and how they only gros in other coutires, i jusdt wanted to know if you could find the fruit or the juice anywhere here in new york. or maybe online

Is there white pomegranate or white pom juice in U.S?(New York)?
I've never seen a white pomegranate or white pomegranate juice in NYC. I've never seen such things in the U.S. (I am from the South and we had pomegranate trees in our back yards, but they were red pomegranates. I have also lived in San Francisco and Puerto Rico, but I have never seen white pomegranates or white pomegranate juice.

where is your grandmother from?

Do you think you can get over what she said and just eat red ones?


Do you like pomegranate juice?

No, i think it's disgusting.

Do you like pomegranate juice?
If you haven't tried pomegranate juice or you tried and were not impressed try this pomegranate martini recipe:

5 parts vodka

1 part triple sec

2 parts pomegranate juice

1 dash orange bitters

If you end up loving it you will benefit from all the pomegranate health benefits too even with vodka
Reply:Pomegranate is a great flavor. It is also good in tea, especially Green Tea with Pomegranate. Julie for Bigelow Tea
Reply:I have never sip it alone but it's the basic element of every type of juice %26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;%26gt; In short, it's tasty, healthy %26amp; gives catchy colour to the juice too
Reply:It sure makes water more thirst quenching! Just a tiny bit in a tall glass of ice water!! I buy a liter of it about every 2 months since the plain juice came out. Very tart!!

Grenadine is the sweetener for most punch recipes whether they be alcohol based or virgin! Sure makes a pretty color!
Reply:I like pomegranate lemonade!
Reply:Yes from V8. Everyone in my family loves it!
Reply:Love it! and its real good for you too.
Reply:I love pomegranate Juice! ~ %26lt;%26lt;%26lt;3333 ~

Reply:sure ... sort of similar to cranberry juice ..... For all of you who said they've never tried it, have you ever had a drink that had GRENADINE in it? Shirley Temple? Tequila Sunrise? Then you HAVE had it:)
Reply:I actually don't know. Haven't tried it.
Reply:Yes, its very tasty.

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