Friday, March 12, 2010

How to eat a pomegranate?

ok so...i know how to peel the pomegranate...

but my questions do you really eat it?

is it only the red part, around the light colored seed?

or is the red and the light seed ?

How to eat a pomegranate?
you eat the red part only , the seed is not meant to be eaten.
Reply:red part and the light coloured seed for most.

if you have the iranian pomegranate you dont eat the seed as it is too hard. pomegranate is one of my favourite fruits so hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

try eating one piece with the seed - if it is super hard like a rock then you cant eat the seed for your pomegranate
Reply:1) Open mouth

2) Place pomegranate into mouth

3) ???

4) Done
Reply:there are 2 ways to eat them. i normally eat them by just peeling it (actually my mom peels it lol) then put all the seeds in a bowl. i take a spoon and just scoop out the seeds and eat it. you are supposed to eat the entire seed, but dont eat them one by will take forever. besides if u just ate the red part you would make a really big mess. it might be important to know that they stain REALLY easily so be careful if u still don't know how to eat them. i either chew the seeds or suck on them. when i suck on them they are a lot juicier (yum!)

the other way to eat them is just eating them like an apple. i havnt done it but ive seen teachers do it and supposively its good!
Reply:I peel the seeds from the peal and then i put it in one big bowl and get a spoon and start eating it! =]

Reply:have a look here
Reply:Easy Way to Remove Seeds

Cut the crown end off the pomegranate, then lightly score the skin from top to bottom in quarters.

Immerse the fruit in a bowl of cool water and soak for a minute or two. Hold the fruit under water (which prevents juice from spattering) and break sections apart.

Next, separate seeds from the rind and membrane. Seeds will sink to the bottom of the bowl; rind and membrane will float. Skim off and discard the rind and membrane.

Drain seeds, then pat dry.
Reply:i cut it into fours and just suck the seeds

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